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100W Portable Solar Inverter With Inbuilt Battery




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You are not a fan inverter because of the cumbersome nature of it, difficult installation process? here comes the revolutionary solar portable generator that can power your equipment made with the premium lithium battery . the conventional inverter systems are always made with lead acid battery that are extremely heavy and their life cycle is not as durable as lithium. This solar Generator is small yet so powerful to solve all your electricity needs. Get this portable inverter and never worry again about missing those favorite programs anymore due to unannounced power outage and also save money on fuel daily .Just Imagine coming from work hoping you could relax with electricity,see your favorite programs ,listen to news but no electricity.

This portable inverter is uniquely built with highly powerful lithium battery.portable and easily movable weighing only about 2kg. The solar generator is built with an inverter power of 100w and battery capacity of 150wh.this can serve for emergency situation whenever there is power outage to back up your tv,Light and also for camping . the battery capacity can last up to about 3hrs on 50w load. for example your 32 inches tv is only about 25w,Gotv/Dstv is about 5w.if you have light and your tv on this would give you 25w+5w+(10wlight)=40w. with this you will get 150wh/40 which will give u 3.7hrs of usage time

Why you should chose Lithium solar Generator over Big Battery( Lead Acid Battery)

.A lithium battery provide 100% of their rated capacity regardless of the rate of discharge while lead acid battery typically provide less usable energy with higher rate of discharge.they are usually limited to 50% of their rated capacity .lithium battery have an Ultra long life cycle. you might have been discouraged with people telling you that their inverter is dead after 6 months to a year of using them, the truth is that rechargeable Lion Lithium battery have 5000 times and higher charge rate minimally affects its life cycle while lead acid typically delivers 300-500 charge cycle as higher levels of discharge reduces the cycle life. in simple terms, where an lead acid battery can last for 2 years, a lithium gives you 14-years..while lithium battery are more expensive ,the long term savings are tremendous. if you are not looking to buy expensive battery for replacement after a few years, This inverter generator is your best belt.get this generator today and save money.

Installation: installing this is quite easy. for better performance get an electrician to do a separate change over for the inverter. you can select a few points you want to be on the inverter. an 100amps change over cost around 1200naira. once this is done you are good to go. get this and thank me later


Key Features


Up to 3hr on 50W LoadOverload  and charge Protection150Wh Lithium Battery with 100% EfficiencyPortable and easily movable5000 times Higher Life Cycle Than Lead Acid






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