Advertise Your Brand Here On Leomadi.Com- Naija Largest Marketplace has millions of viewers every month – which of them do you want to reach?

While the basic service of posting an ad remains free on, we now offer extra options for businesses who want to reach new customers quickly and easily. With our banner advertising opportunities, you can target local customers directly and advertise your brand efficiently.

Need help creating your banner?
We can help you create one that is uniquely tailored to your brand.

  • Target Specific Customer InterestsWhat are your customers interested in? By advertising in one of our many categories, you can get direct access to your ideal customers.


Strategically positioned above the navigation bar on Mobile and below on Desktop, the Leaderboard is viewed by practically every visitor of the site. A great choice for building brand awareness for everyone or in specific categories.

Leader-board Banner

Diamension on Desktop: 970x 90 px

Dimension on mobiles: 320 x 50 px


The Skyscraper is a cost-efficient placement on our search results page, with high reach. A good option for brand building.

Dimensions on Desktop: 160 x 600 px

Skyscraper Banner

Large Mobile Banner

This large banner has double the height compared to the Leaderboard. And since it’s positioned just before pagination links on each search results page, it’s viewed by almost everyone.

Dimensions on Mobile: 320 x 100 px

Large Mobile banner


The Square is an optimal placement on each of our ad pages. An effective way to reach a specific target audience when they are reading about the ad.

Dimensions on Desktop: 250 x 250 px
Dimensions on Mobile: 300 x 250 px

Square banner

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