Safari is about to lose its lead as the second most used desktop browser to…Microsoft Edge

Safari is about to lose its lead as the second most used desktop browser to…Microsoft Edge


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Apple’s Safari web browser has always had a healthy userbase, mainly because it’s the default browser on every Apple device. Well, the honeymoon is over as Safari is now in danger of losing its number two spot of the most used desktop browser to an unlikely challenger, Microsoft Edge.

Yes, it seems that all Microsoft needed to do to get back into the browser wars was to use Chromium. Edge has been charging up the charts, taking third place from Firefox last year.

Last July, Microsoft Edge had 3.4% of the worldwide desktop browser market, according to StatCounter, a real-time analytics service that looks at browser usage. Now Edge is up to 4.12%, or 9.54% if you only focus on the most used desktop browsers.

That’s only a short distance behind Apple’s Safari desktop browser, which has 9.84% of the desktop market. With how quickly Edge is gaining users, it won’t be long before Safari falls to third place.

It’s interesting to note that Apple’s macOS had 10.74% of the desktop market at the end of 2020, so the majority of Mac users also use Safari as their primary browser.

graph showing the worldwide desktop browser market share worldwide over the last year
Image: Statcounter

The thing is, nobody is catching up to Google Chrome’s global dominance. An overwhelming 65.38% of desktop browser users are using Google’s browser. The impressive thing here is longevity, with Chrome dominating the charts for years.

While Microsoft Edge is one of the most used desktop browsers, the picture on mobile is very different. Chrome has 62.06% of the market, with Safari taking 26.71%.

Those are the default browsers for Android, and iOS, respectively, so it’s not unsurprising. Microsoft Edge mobile? That doesn’t even warrant a mention.

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